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Dock Accessories

Vibo Marine Dock Accessories

Screw Jacks

Vibo Marine Dock AccessoriesVibo also makes it easy to adjust your dock without ever having to get wet with our unique screw jacks!

Our mission is to make lake fun more easy and affordable!

Screw jack legs at $350 a pair with foot pad and $379.00 a pair with saddle. Dock screw jack wheel kit (adjustable) $475.   Dock screw jacks are equal to a 6′ post with one foot attaching to the frame and about a foot above the dock.


Vibo Marine Bench

48″ Bench (with optional arm rests)

Benches are available in coordinating cedar, aluminum, or titan plastic decking. The optional armrest have built-in cup holders.

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With arm rests:
$230 for cedar
$300 for aluminum
$300 for titan

Without arms rests:
$170 for cedar
$230 for aluminum
$230 for titan

Quick Connect Brackets

Quick Connect Brackets are used for connecting sections together. They come as either a Straight Quick Connect for $47 a pair or an Angled Quick Connect for $47 a pair. These are perfect for adding length to your dock with ease.

Vibo Marine Quick Connect Brackets

Vibo Marine Ladder


Ladders can be added at any time and clamp right to the side of your dock. $180

Dock Steps

Dock steps are available in 3 different step configurations; 5 step, 4 step, or 3 step. Add an optional hand rail for added safety. Dock steps are added by angled quick connect method.

Dock Steps:
3 step are $420
4 step are $466
5 step are $478
add  optional handrails for $57 each

There is a rise of 8″ between each step, and the steps come with adjustable feet.

Vibo Marine Dock Steps

Vibo Marine Dock Chair Bracket

Dock Chair Bracket*

Clamps onto dock frame allowing you to swivel out over the water. 

$105 each

(*Chair sold separately by a home improvement store, NOT Vibo*)

Shore End Ramp

Choose from a 4′ x 4′ or a 4′ x 8′ ramp section. Decking choices are available in coordinating cedar, aluminum, or titan plastic decking. With the purchase of a ramp you will get two ramp brackets that bolt to the shore end of your dock. The ramp will have two connecting bolts welded to the side, these slip into the groove of the ramp brackets. This makes it easy to add a ramp to a new or even existing dock. You also have the choice to add adjustable post or adjustable wheels to your shore end with an additional cost. These attach right where the ramp connects to your dock, making it easy to adjust the slope of your ramp.

4×4 Ramp
$300 each for cedar
$435 each for aluminum
$435 each for titan
$200 no decking

4×8 Ramp
$515 each for cedar
$780 each for aluminum
$780 each for titan
$340 no decking

Vibo Marine Shore Ramp

Vibo Marine Dock Post Bumper

Dock Post Bumpers

Dock post bumpers slide over your post and are held tight with set screws, making it easy to add on to new or existing docks for $57 each. Sold white hard plastic is about 3′ tall and are avail separate as replacements from bracket for $21.00 each

Anywhere Bumpers

Anywhere Bumpers can be clamped anywhere on the truss style frames. Also, available for sectional docks. Make sure to indicate which style of dock you have when ordering to ensure you get the right bracket for clamping. Almost 3′ tall hard white plastic vertical bumper.  Hard plastic sold separate for replacements at $21.00 each

Anywhere bumpers can be clamped anywhere on our truss style frames for $57 each.

Vibo Marine Anywhere Bumper

Vibo Marine Horizontal Bumpers

Horizontal Bumpers

Almost 3′ in length, Horizontal Bumpers attach horizontally to your dock frame by clamping, making it easy to add on to new or existing docks for $57 each.  Replacement plastic avail separate for $21.00 each.

Shore End Wheels (non-adjustable) & Regular Adjustable Wheel kits – NO SCREW JACKS

Shore end wheels are a axle and wheels welded onto brackets that bolt right into the holes in the Vibo truss style frame. Non-adjustable shore end wheels are $210.

Adjustable wheel kits that include your choice of axle length, your choice length posts, brackets, saddles, wheels and washers are $352.00 each.  NO WINCHES included, they are extra.

Complete dock winches for Vibo docks that include winch, cable and dock bracket are $63.00 each.

Vibo Marine Shore End Wheels

Vibo Marine Hitch


For use with roll-in docks. Non adjustable. Bolts straight onto the frame and allows you to easily attach it to your ATV or truck to pull your dock in and out of the water. Accommodates a 2″ ball.  The tow hitch is $126.

Flag Pole

Represent your home country or favorite sports team with our 10’ flag poles for $195 which easily slides over one of your posts and stabilizes with 2 set screws.
USA replacement flags are $50. Replacement balls for top of pole can be ordered for an additional $20.00.

Vibo Marine FlagPole

Decking Types

Choose from two different styles of decking: cedar and titan plastic.
The decking is made in 4′ x 4′ removable sections for easy installation each weighing 35lbs.

Dock Accessories
Dock Accessories


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