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Lift Accessories

Customizing your lift is easy and affordable Accessories can be added to both new and existing lifts

Screw Jacks

Vibo also makes it easy to adjust your lift height without ever having to get wet with our unique screw jacks!

Our mission is to make lake fun more easy and affordable!

Screw jack legs at $435 a pair. Screw jack wheels for cantilever lifts $460 a pair.



Easily wheel your lift in and out of the water with screw jack wheels.


Screw jack legs and stub axles can be easily installed on new or existing lifts.


Vibo Marine Docks Lifts Accessories Canopy1

Protect your investment!

Protect your boat, pontoon or personal watercraft with our treated polyester covered canopies. The canopy cover is fastened to the frame with a rubber cord to ensure a tight fit.  All seams are heat sealed and covers now have two air vents.

Replacement covers will Require full payment at the time of order. To find out what size to order for replacement cover, measure the length of your canopy frame and the width of your lift beam(has the boat or pontoon bunks on it)to ensure correct measurements or refer to your original paperwork.

We no longer offer canopy repairs.  Please check the internet for repair shops in your area.

Colors Available

Onyx, Cordovan Maroon, Mallard Green, Nautical Blue, Putty, Beige Suede, Shale

new canopy with logo 3Cargo Net

Vibo Marine Docks Lifts Accessories Canopy2Net

Create additional storage with an optional cargo for only $126.

Long Bunks are available for both boats and pontoons.

Long Bunks

Long Bunks are available for both boats and pontoons. They are 15’ long and have a blue plastic on top of them in order to protect your hull from scraping against any aluminum.

Long Boat Bunks $650 per pair
Long Pontoon Bunks $1015 per set (pontoon not tri-tune)

Side Guides

Side guides are perfect for guiding you boat or pontoon into your lift without having to worry about scrapping the sides. They are 15’ long and available for $650 a pair.
For wider pontoons where space is an issue of concern, the side guides can be mounted in the middle of the lift and act as a guide for your pontoon floats.

Vibo Marine Docks Lifts Accessories SideGuide

Vibo Marine Docks Lifts Accessories GuideBump

Guide on Bumpers

Guide On Bumpers are a foam covered post that help guide your boat or pontoon onto the lift. Guide On bumpers are sold as a set of 2.

Cantilevers Guide On Bumpers $170
Verticals Guide On Bumpers $265

Guide on covers are sold separately for $60 a pair and come in off white only.  Replacement foam is sold for $45 each

Motor Stop

Motor stops are available for both types of lifts.
Cantilever Motor Stop $80
Vertical Motor Stop $210

Vibo Marine Docks Lifts Accessories MotorStop1

Vibo cant lift step 1

Lift Steps

lift steps are especially nice for young children or elders who have a hard time climbing into the boat from the dock. These lift steps mount right on the side frame and the height can be easily adjusted for your comfort.

Cantilever Lift Step $200  about 5′ long
Vertical Lift Step $305  about 9′ long

Stub Axle

Stub axle wheels are great accessory to have. They allow you to put your lift on wheels and push it right into the water.

Stub Axle $80 each
Plastic Tire $50 each

Vibo Marine Docks Lifts Accessories Wheel

Vibo Marine Docks Lifts Accessories LiftBoss2018

Lift Boss

Tired of raising and lowering your lift by hand?

We offer a 12v or 120 lift boss for $1025 that comes with a corded remote only.  Let us know which kind of winch you have at time of ordering for adding a lift boss onto an old lift to ensure you get the correct kind of adaptor.
Solar panels are $265 and come with a bracket to connect it either to your canopy or lift if you do not have a canopy.

Battery Boxes are $60 with alum stand
Does not include battery

Carpeted Pontoon V-Bunks

Carpeted Pontoon Bunks $575 set of 4. Carpeted pontoon bunks come standard on all pontoon lifts and are adjustable. Or can be added to covert a boat lift to a pontoon lift.

Vibo cantilever pontoon bunk002

Vibo Marine Docks Lifts Accessories bunk

Carpeted Boat Bunks

Replacement Carpeted Cantilever complete $60 each (carpeted bunk and brackets) 

Replacement Carpeted Vertical complete $95 each (carpeted bunk and bracket)

Replacement Carpeted Pads only $35 each


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