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Roll-In Docks

Strong yet lightweight Your dock is the center of activity

Vibo Marine wants to make memories more easily accessible with our all aluminum, lightweight docks.


All of our roll-in docks are made of structural tubing from 6061 and 6063 aluminum alloys. Vibo docks are strong yet lightweight, ensuring a durable dock for a lifetime of service. Roll-in docks are well suited for gradually sloping, fairly smooth lake shores. Installation couldn’t be simpler, easily roll the entire bolted together dock system into the water. Wheel kits come standard with every roll-in dock configuration. With 11 different deck sections to choose from the layout options are endless. Let our experts help you design the dock system to fit your lifestyle.

Download a copy of the assembly instructions.

Roll-in docks are easy to assemble and come with two different styles of decking: cedar and Titan plastic. Each type offering its own charm and benefit. The natural beauty of cedar is unmatched. The ribbed texture on our aluminum decking offers superior traction. Titan plastic is strong, durable and virtually maintenance-free. This polypropylene decking is designed for grip and drainage and can handle anything Mother Nature throws its way. All of our decking is made in 4′ x 4′ removable sections for easy installation.

Vibo’s roll-in docks are designed to allow you to easily adjust the height of your dock. When you add our specially designed screw jacks it makes it even easier to make adjustments without getting wet. Screw jacks legs and wheels can be easily installed on new and existing docks. Vinyl caps fit securely around the post for protection, yet are easily removable.

— Made in the U.S.A. —

Vibo docks are manufactured right here in Minnesota. Our high quality aluminum docks are sold factory direct to save you money.

Note: Shore end posts are an optional add-on to any docks.

Roll-In Docks

Dock Post Pads

Dock post pads come standard with the dock posts.

2 Holed Bracket

A two holed bracket is used on corners or with the quick connect bracket.
Roll-In Docks
Roll-In Docks

4 Holed Bracket

The four holed bracket is used when joining frames together or clamping to the side of the dock.

Dock Winch

Vibo Marine’s roll-in dock feature a dock winch for easy dock height adjustments. One set comes standard with roll-in dock configurations.
Roll-In Docks
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