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Sectional Docks

Beauty & strength in a lightweight frame Lightweight 4' x 8' sections

Strong yet lightweight framework with the beauty of smooth solid lines

Vibo Marine Sectional Docks Sectional Anchor1Sectional Docks are a better fit when you have a steep or uneven shore line. Vibo sectional dock sections are connected together using an innovative anchor clamp system. The anchor clamps are easily adjustable in a sliding channel and allow for virtually any configuration. The frames slip into the clamps and are tightened into place, keeping the connecting of frames a simple process. On the sectional docks the post brackets are welded to the frame. X-braces are added in deeper water to increase the sturdiness and help reduce swaying.

Sectional Docks are easy to assemble and come with three different styles of decking: cedar, aluminum, and titan plastic. The framework comes in 4′ x 8′ sections. Each section weighs 35 lbs., allowing for easy installation and removal.

Along with a new dock you can find the perfect lift to match your boat, pontoon or Jet Ski. Vibo provides very strong and sturdy, aluminum lifts in two different styles: vertical and cantilever, depending on your water level needs.

Download a copy of the assembly instructions.

Note: Shore end posts are an optional add-on to any docks.
Not to be used with dock screw jacks.

Vibo Marine Sectional Docks sectional4
Vibo Marine Sectional Docks sectional
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