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Vertical Lifts

Strong yet lightweight framework with the beauty of smooth solid lines

Vibo Marine Docks and Lifts With the ability to travel 65” it will keep your boat high and dry. Whether you want a more compact design, have large waves to tend with, or just want to tuck your boat up tight under a canopy a vertical lift offer many advantages.

With many different models to choose from, it is easy to find the right vertical boat lift. The 2400 lb. lift is our smallest vertical lift, but is not to be underestimated. All of Vibo’s vertical lifts are available with a 108” wide load beam or a 114” wide load beam depending on the width of your boat or pontoon. Vertical lifts have 5 cables that add extra strength and support when raising your boat or pontoon high out of the water.

All Vertical Lifts come standard with carpeted bunks, adjustable legs and a winch with a wheel making it easy to raise and lower your lift. The adjustable lift legs insert at the bottom of the side frames of the lift. It is easy to adjust the legs to your desired height by lifting the side frame and inserting the lift leg pin, which comes included with your lift hardware. The carpeted bunks clamp to the load beam of the lift. You can easily adjust the height and angle of your bunks as needed with our angle plates, which come standard with the Vertical carpeted bunks.

Vibo vertical lifts have a travel of 65” allowing you to keep your boat high and dry. Avoid having to snap on your boat or pontoon cover every night with a Vibo canopy. Canopies can be added to any Vibo lift at any time. The frames come standard with canopy brackets which make it easy to adjust your canopy height based on how tall your boat sits in your lift

Download a copy of the assembly instruction manual.

Vibo Marine Docks & Lifts Vertical Lift

2400 Vertical Boat Lift

Don’t underestimate our smallest model. Lift capacity of up to 2,400 lbs.

Beam Width
Lift Capacity
Lift Weight
2,400 lbs.
355 lbs.
9’x22′ •  9’x 24′ • 9’x26′
2,400 lbs.
361 lbs.
10’x22′ •  10’x 24′ • 10’x26′

3600 Vertical Boat Lift

Lift capacity of up to 3,600 lbs.

Model Beam Width Lift Capacity Lift Weight Canopy
V36108 108″ 3,600 lbs. 380 lbs. 9’x22′ •  9’x 24′ • 9’x26′
V36114 114″ 3,600 lbs. 394 lbs. 10’x22′ •  10’x 24′ • 10’x26′
Vibo Marine Docks and Lifts

5000 Vertical Boat Lift

The largest vertical lift Vibo Marine produces with the capacity to lift up to 5,000 lbs. and able to accommodate wider boats and pontoons.

Model Beam Width Lift Capacity Lift Weight Canopy
V50108 108″ 5,000 lbs. 446 lbs. 9’x22′ •  9’x 24′ • 9’x26′
V50114 114″ 5,000 lbs. 455 lbs. 10’x22′ •  10’x 24′ • 10’x26′

Delron Pulley

Vibo Marine Docks & Lifts delron pully

Reinforced Load Beams

Vibo Marine Docks & Lifts Reinforced Load Beams

Winch Slide Bracket

Vibo Marine Docks & Lifts Winch Slide Bracket

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